Did he not find me attractive?

I was in a hotel with a guy and we were just hanging out thinking of where to go. I sat on the bed ( was not thinking about sex) and he came out the bathroom. He sat in a chair and stared at me, I asked him what? He said nothing and turned around to the desk. So he went on his computer. I went to my bag to get my shoes and when I turned around he was looking at me again. I was like... Just getting my shoes? After that he was staring outside- I asked him what are you looking at? He said" I was looking at you for a second but now I'm looking outside. So I stood by him to see what was outside. Then I sat by him and he asked if I can get his bag from behind where I was sitting. I said yeah- grabbed it and he touched my hand slightly. We locked eyes but I looked away and so did he. We hung out more- he went to his car and packed his stuff. I told him goodnight and walked to my hotel alone. Next day- he picked me up. He complimented my earrings. He also took me to his house. Cooked for me, asked to see my tattoos and wanted to watch a movie. I was getting a little sad and irritated so I told him I have to leave at a certain time. He said oh but we didn't watch our movie but I guess we can chill until then. We sat and there was silence. I he said I'm glad you took time to hangout. I didn't want to seem thirsty so I said of course, it felt good to have a fresh scenery but I stuttered and stuff. I was nervous lol. Anyways, Nothing happened. I found him super attractive but he didn't make a move. Or am I oblivious? I don't notice things unless they're super dominant and tell me.


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  • Well you didn't make a move either, so...

    • I don't make moves...
      I need the guy to make one so I know.

    • And if he wanted a move from you so that he could know then he should just get stuffed?

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  • He obviously found ya attractive 'cuz he was staring.