Unique first date ideas?

-We're both too young to drink anyway so no bag suggestions
-We're both broke students so we can't do anything too expensive XD
-We both live in the city so there are plenty of places but I still have no idea what to do
-We were sort of set up by a mutual friend so we're gonna be getting to know each other for the first time ever
-I'll be the one to ask him out so if you have any unique ideas to ask him out then please share c: I don't wanna ask him out via text but I normally can't meet him in person


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  • Slightly cheesy-sounding, but I loved amusement parks on first dates -- not too expensive and I feel like the thrill of the scary rides and the adrenaline rush has a huge icebreaker effect. Originally people tend to be really nervous and a little bit shy on a first date.

    That fear can get kind of overridden momentarily with a scary ride, and then the date starts to get more comfortable. For me, it has a similar kind of effect of smoothing things out as having a few drinks. It's easy to go from that kind of rush to laughing together.

    Just strolling around in a park can also be nice. It's easier to kind of get to know each other if you're walking side-by-side and talking. I actually feel like that's more comfortable than doing that over a dinner or coffee table.

    I like to save activities that involve sitting and talking more towards the later part of the date after doing these types of things and we already feel a bit close to each other.

    Note that this is coming from someone who is not the smoothest talker though and a little bit shy, preferring to be more physical and childishly playful on a date than talking a lot.

    • The worst possible first date for me is going to the movies. I learned the hard way. It's not good to be spending that much time sitting in a chair and looking at a screen. There's hardly any kind of bonding that can go on then, especially when you two are still kind of nervous around each other.

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    • THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE ADVICE!! You're one of the most helpful people on GaG I've ever encountered LOL
      Guess all your dating has really helped you gain experience c:

    • Cheers -- I just made a whole bunch of mistakes in my youth and took note of them. And good luck on the date!

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  • Indoor rock climbing. It's so much fun !


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  • I always liked taking a girl flying on a first date (I have been a pilot since 19).

    One first date was the girl's idea. I was visiting her city and she came to my hotel and knocked on my door to pick me up. Or so she said. In reality, she started taking off her clothes within 60 seconds.

  • You could go bowling, or if it's nice outside, putt-putt, or a simple stroll around a park. I'd recommend doing something active, and not going someplace where you have to sit and watch while being quiet for a first date. You're supposed to get to know each other, not enjoy a sideshow.
    Have fun!

    • Haha I agree with you XD that's exactly why I didn't wanna take him to the movies. Actually I ALMOST did ask him to the movies cause we both wanted to see Finding Dory LMAO

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