My feelings got hurt when my boyfriend said our puppy which we had for 1 week is his top priority. Am I overrracting?

My boyfriend of a little over a year, who i live with and me just got a puppy together. And while in conversation today he mentioned the puppy is his #1 priority.

I love this dog sooo much and im in no way jealous but that really hurt my feelings.

Now the thing is im an overly emotional person and a lot of things get to me so i would like a concensous of how you guys feel about it


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  • Perhaps it is just a Hint that being this is a Puppy, much like a baby, this Pup.. Is Top Shelf right now. He or She is going to need a bit more TLC.
    If everything has been Keen, and Not Canine where He has been actually in the Dog house with you, put your 'My feelings got hurt' aside and no Picking a bone. He just wants you to know that no matter what "Baby," you Both Share, is going to be Number One and Need a lot of Care... As in doing this Together, the Proud new Parents of 'Got a puppy together.'
    Good luck. xx

    • To the asker: I am not a mouse in the house in your back pocket, but if there are Other issues that have led to this Insecure feeling, maybe it is time for you and your SO to do some dealing. xx

    • Thank you, dear, for the Like and the Vote of Confidence. xx

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  • I think what @Paris13 is correct. He sees the puppy as a baby and he wants to show that the puppy is the top priority because you love it so much.

  • I totally see him sleeping with that dog. (Not) quit being jealous of a innocent puppy


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