Guys, if a girl is skinny and has big boobs but has an average looking face would you automatically considered her hot?

her face isn't ugly but its average looking unlike her body (she has naturally big boobs and is skinny) so when it comes to a girls hotness, would you automatically consider her hot if she had the body but an average face? or does she most likely also need an above average looking face for you to consider her hot?

  • yes i would automatically consider her hot
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  • no because in order for a girl to be hot, her face is also a factor
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  • no because in order for a girl to be hot, the face is more important
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  • I am not a fan of big boobs so that doesn't score any extra points for me.

    • you're missing the point. i am interested in knowing whether having a good body but average face would automatically make a girl hot.

    • I didn't miss the point. You didn't ask the right question. Would having a good body but average face automatically make a girl hot? A girl with a nice body does not need to have a beautiful face to be attractive, but hot implies the whole package - body, face, and carries herself with class.

  • i look at the overall package. i look at pics at women i find beautiful in person yet looking at a pic of them i say meh. i guess proximity is also a thing.

  • She may have a hot body, but she isn't hot overall.
    She would still be average to me.

    • Wait but you just said her body is hot so wouldn't she be above average?

    • Nope, cause her face is still average.
      Face is more important than body, so if a girl has a hot body but an average face, she's average.
      BUT, if she has an average body but a beautiful face, she's above average.
      In the end, the face determines what level you can reach.

  • Yeah, I would find her hot, especially since most women have decent-looking faces anyways (and they can become pretty with makeup).

  • Unless the guy is a boob fetishist, boobs alone don't make someone hot.

    • Big boobs and skinny usually means good body

    • You said average looking face. There is so much more to being 'hot' and vague descriptions of someone's qualities will not capture the essence of hotness.

  • If her face is a 7/10 she is still a 7/10.

    • That doesn't make sense? What if her face is 10 and her body is 3 (fat rolls and obese) Is she still 10?

    • Well if you are fat you are disqualified by default.
      But if you are not overweight it kinda really just comes down to your face.
      Boobs, butt and toned body are a plus but not the defining factor.

      Most people really just mean "face" when they call somebody beautiful.
      I mean, I find Natalie Portman to be among the best looking celebrities, but I don't even really know how her boobs or butt look like.

    • i get what you mean by defining factor because if you think about it you can't really identify someone by their boobs or butt as much as by their face in a crowd

  • Boobs don't factor in, in my opinion. I like 'em small

  • Actually big boobs are a turn off.

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