Dating best friend's ex... is he really interested or just confused? do I make next move? is it all pointless? and more high school dating drama?

basically this sweet hilarious kid who's been in my friend group for a year or so and who has already made the rounds with my best friends is now dating me (more or less). and I'm a huge fan of him (obviously since I've managed to put aside the fact that he's already had failed relationships with two of my best friends). I won't go on about how great he is but we get along spectacularly well all things considered and when I found out he was maybe interested I was determined to make sure things went better with us.

we went on one date and I thought it went really well. we had another one planned but the dumb ass almost broke his jaw so that got postponed and then never actually happened because finals

I thought that things would pick up over the summer but so far not so much. one of our best friends had her sweet sixteen on our first night off and I got weird vibes. he's much more a party kinda guy than me and ANOTHER friend of mine who, prior to his asking me out, was convinced he was in love with HER (but was at the time uninterested in him) spent the entire time flirting with him. I was put off but pretending to be cool with it and hanging out with him until it was obvious he was more interested in her.

he's generally well-liked by the girls and gets a lot of attention so it's something I sort of was prepared for, but it still hit hard. he ALSO is an awful texter (both of his exes warned me over and over about this). he is so bad at carrying a conversation. as soon as he loses interest he's done. so my attempts to contact him since the party have been pretty futile.

this is my first go at dating and it sucks that its with a guy who has so much drama attached to him and who is something of an idiot, but I think it's worth it. the problem right now is that I have no idea how to gauge whether he's still interested and I don't know if I should reach out again (don't wanna nag!) and try to make plans or just let it be. opinions and advice highly appreciated

didn't mean to make this anonymous this is me if anybody wants to message me or something.
just to be clear "me" is tecarg13


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  • Rewind. your dating your " bestfriends " ex? your no bestfriend.

  • He's not interested. It's not worth it. You should let it go.