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Hi everyone... I have a question!

I have been been dating this guy for 4 weeks now... We've been on roughly 4/5 dates and they've been amazing. We've laughed, chatted, drank and just had a great time! he's paid for all the dinners and I've chipped in a bit! The weekend just gone I spent Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday afternoon/night and then all of Sunday with him. I found it a little overwhelming but he says it was fine. Now Wednesday... So 3 days later he's gone totally and utterly cold on me!

The past month we've been texting non stop, talking on the phone here and there and I've been getting the good nights and the good mornings, now since Monday I've had nothing! He's been texting me a bit, but the good nights and the good mornings have stopped unless I've sent them first. He claims its cause he's super busy at work and can't text during the day and then when get gets home his "phone goes on charge and he doesn't always see it" and then when I've asked a few times to call at night he's said no I've got a headache and can't talk... This has only happened in the last 2 days.

I finally spoke to him last night and he says he wants to slow things down as they've moved very quickly in the past month and I agreeed and should've said that two weeks ago! I'm still not convinced as I believe there is more to it then that but he's just not letting up!!

Any advice? :(


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  • Seems like he did like and enjoy tour company at a time and still does but now realizing doesn't want to be too attached an get hurt in addition to needing a break we all do. He may just want to focus on him too much of a good thing can be bad. So just wait it out and see how the following weeks go.

  • Did you have sex with him?

    • Nope... But other sexual stuff happened over the weekend. Would that even matter?

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    • But he didn't get what he wanted as we didn't have sex... So that's the stupid bit?

    • He got a b/j or other stuff. It was more than enough.