First "date" tomorrow night.

OK so I like this girl named Hannah. (Sophs) She's in my Spanish class so we started talking and walking. About a week or 2 ago her and her boyfriend of 10 months broke up. Basically I have been comforting her and stuff. She flirts a lot and we have hung out twice after school for about 2 hours before she had volleyball and I track. We had fun considering we drove around and went to target lol. But anyways today she asked me to hang out tomorrow night and we decided to go to a movie.

We've hugged the last two days after school. The movie we're going to is scary and we can cuddle. Anyways I want to hold her hand and maybe kiss her. I'm %95 she likes me so I guess I just want to ask how I should kiss her if I should and when I should take hold of her hand =] I know "the moment has to be right" and all that but how should I do it?

Please help! Thanks

OK so it's the next morning. No kiss but I put my arm around her, held her hand and cuddled : )



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  • There really is no way to tell you when/how to do this. It just has to feel right. If you really like her and she has just gotten out of a relationship, you may have to take it slow providing she may need time to get over her ex. That's not to say she doesn't like you, it just sometimes takes girls a little time before they open up to new relationships.

    If you really want a good moment, wait for a really intense part in the movie when she looks the most scared and hold her hand and make her feel safe, if you're scared too try and subside it until you make sure she's content. If you are the first to take hold of her hand when you see her being scared, she might move closer which would be a good signal that she likes you.

    Horror movies are not the greatest place for kisses, if you're taking her home after, be old fashioned and take her to the door and just give her a simple kiss goodnight. If you're just going separate ways after the movie, give her a kiss goodnight when she leaves [never be the first to leave as you don't want her to be alone waiting around].

    I hope it all goes well for you! :)


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  • Be careful, you might be the rebound considering how soon it has been since her breakup with her ex


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  • Be a little bit cautious, cause you might be in the "Friends Zone." Tell me how it goes, seriously!