Why do loyal people get cheated on?

My mother must be the most loyal women on earth to marry her first love for 18years. No matter how many times my father cheated on her, she still held strong on the marriage and forgave him. Well she had enough and divorced him, he regrets everything he's done with her but it's too late to win her love back. But I feel bad now because she's also not searching for anyone else because of trust. I'm very loyal too but I also get cheated on. My recent boyfriend left me for another girl which is pretty ironic because all of his exs before me treated him like shit and cheated on him and I was the most loyal but I don't know. So why do loyal people get cheated on?


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  • Loyal people are considered by their significant other as weak. Needy. I know this feeling. I feel like I'm being cheated on rn tbh.

  • Some people take a loyal partner for granted after awhile. I guess they think they can sleep with other people and their partner will still be there for them to come home to every day because they're so loyal and forgiving


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