Girls, Do girls like it when guys are Bold?

Im a pretty bold guy myself, not ballsy. But im pretty confident in myself. Do girls like that?

Sorry i forgot to memtion, im a total gentlemen, and honeslty more scared of hurting her emotions and botherig her😅☺️


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  • Yes, because I like to know where I stand with a guy. Usually bold confident guys express how they feel , they are honest and open about themselves and their life , so I know exactly where I stand with them. That provides emotionally security for me.


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  • As long as you're not a complete dick/ have a huge ego than yeah, if you make a point to text me first or initiate something than it is something that at least I like. You have to be nice and caring.

    • Ooo I second this one as well ⬆️⬆️⬆️

    • I know that i understand as a gentlemen. And to treat her how id like to be

  • Yes. I love bold men; the ones that make the first move and initiate stuff.

  • Yeah like when asking out a girl and making all the moves...

    • You sound really cute

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    • Oh my sure I was getting tired too! 😂😂 I was just wait for you to say something!

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