How much do you consider dating your guy freind that your Mother really wants you to date? Would you try it if he one day asked you out on a date?

Let me explain it a little better. I have been good friends with her for a year and a half. Recently I have developed feelings for her. and no I don't just want into her pants. I would like to try dating her. For a year we have been telling her mom that we are just friends. A few times she has suggested that she should date me but were just friends so nothing came of it. So girls if your guy freind that your mom suggested you should date asks you on a date would you go on it or ____ comment below

  • Yes I would consider it more because my mom suggested we date
  • No definitely not especially if she suggested it
  • Maybe it depends. He might have to woo me a bit so I stop thinking of him as a freind first
  • My moms opinoin would not matter in the slightest. This is my decision to make
  • I would have to think about it and my moms opinion would make somewhat of a difference
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  • To me it doesn't matter whether, my parents say you guys are totally a good couple, it's whether or not, I like her, so it depends on the situation, but sense you guys like eachother I'd go with it, unless she doesn't like you


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  • this needs to be narrowed down to shy and inexperienced christian girls. she's a special breed.

    • Ha-ha lol very true how ever them being sound a special breed I don't think that I would get many answers on my poll. As it is I could not find an answer to thing? On Google.

    • I might ask for just their options on this when I can feature a question again.

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