How to deal with a rejection when we are working together?

I recently met this guy, we are both new in this company. We got along well and became close in a very short time. He then asked me out on a date and I said yes. After few dates I confessed my feelings for him but he rejected me. I was shocked and surprised since HE was the one who initiated, but okay. He said his ex reappeared just after our first date and that he isn't sure if he's over her, and therefor doesn't want to hurt me if he fucks up. I developed a huge crush on him and I'm finding it hard to get him out of my mind. Just when things couldn't get worst, we got asigned to this big project, JUST THE TWO OF US. We will be working together on it for the next 3, 4 months, which means spending a lot of time together alone with him. I didn't want to refuse the project because it's really important for my career and so it's for him. But I still like him. I just can't help it. I fight the urge every single time but it feels like it's out my control. He is still treating me great and he seems not really bothered with the whole awkwardness, but I still kinda am. I find myself fantasizing about him and hoping that eventually we will end up together. -.- I also can't help but flirt with him sometimes, it happens unexpectedly and he reciprocates every time. So, how do I make myself act purely professional? I have mood swings when it comes to him, sometimes I'm happy to be around him and sometimes I'm angry or sad and want to distance myself from him, especially when I see him talking to some other girl. Argh.


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  • This is why you don't fish from the company pier.


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