Guys, Has he lost interest in a relationship?

Me and this guy met last year and he wanted me to be his girlfriend. Then I stopped talking to him and we got back in contact around holiday season -Dec 2015... then he travelled out of the country for a bit... then we met up in March twice, and met up twice this past week and we were intimate both times...

We both had a great time and enjoyed it and there's chemistry between us and a connection. But when I had to leave he seemed a bit frustrated because he wanted to spend more time with me. We kissed when we parted and he asked me about meeting last nite but it didn't happen.

Usually we set what days to meet up but the last 2 times he has said he'll let me know when we will meet again. But h did send me a kiss emoticon last night at 2am...

Is he still interested in me? Or has he possibly lost interest? (last year he would respond immediately but now a bit slow to respond...)

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  • Do you have an interesting personality? if so then he's just busy... if not, he's lost interest because he's bored.

    • We do have a connection and there's an attraction... had his arms around me all nite long. Plus comon interests

    • I didn't ask if you had a connection or whether he had his arms around you all night. I asked whether you had an interesting personality.