I feel like I scared my boyfriend. Is there anything I can do?

So today I had the recurring thought of when should my boyfriend meet my parents also cause we are in a long distance relationship so I told him about it and he said "you should be in my shoes and see my perspective of how scared I'd be" then I told him it would be alright because I'd be holding his hand the whole time while eating dinner and then he asked "is there anything else they would do" and I told him my dad would have a private talk with him in the office showing him everything including his guns that he uses at a shooting Range and he would then tell him to not hurt me and if he does then he will get mad and I jokingly said (he knew that I jokingly said): I promise though that he will never use the guns on you then he said "thanks that sure does make me feel better... (He said it sarcastically, I know cause he told me he was being sarcastic) and he said "Well I have to go do some house chores bye" then he left the conversation. He usually says I love you baby every time because I said it to him and he has never said the word "bye" when he leaves, and he never leaves frantically like that, he always says "talk to you later". (don't tell me that guys won't always say I love you cause he texted this very frantically and left) Usually he tells me he has to go do something and I say "ok I love you" then he says "I love you too baby I'll talk to you later :)" and that's it. I feel like I scared him away and the tiny chance he's not going to talk to me again. I feel like I never should have taken the advice of My best friend (who has a boyfriend and gives me great advice) to tell me to talk to him about meeting my parents cause him and I have only been dating for a month and a half and also I don't want to keep it a secret for long from my parents that I have a long distance boyfriend. Him and I have video chatted before so he's not fake or whatever so don't tell me it's dangerous to date him I'm 19.

(I'm now 19)


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  • i mean he may be a bit uncomfortable with it but meeting the parents is a natural part of every developing relationship. so i think he was just a bit nervous at the thought of meeting your family but it isn't something to break up with someone about because the next person he dates is probably going to want him to meet their parents at some point too

  • You could apologize

    • For telling him what else to expect If he met my parents when he asked me that question or the joke in which I told him my dad would never do that

  • I would hate if someone joke about shooting me with a gun especially my gfs father...


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