Is it weird that I was/am into 2 of this girl's ex boyfriends? It's fair game right?

Maybe like 3 years ago, I was talking to this guy, and we only went on one date and continued texting but then it fizzled. Nothing happened between us but I was really into him. He just met someone else who supported his drug addiction. I found out he had dated this one girl for a couple years a year or 2 before we met.

Then, 3 years later (today) I met this guy on social media and I know he dated that same girl for a couple years after she was with the other guy from before. They've been apart now for maybe 2 years.

is it weird that I'm going after this guy knowing he dated this girl and I went out with her other ex? I don't think either of them know I went out with her old ex but I just don't want it to be like I'm trying to take over her exes or something. Honestly I just think she and I are a lot alike and we have the same taste in men. She's with someone new now and has been for over a year as well.

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  • I don't see how it could be weird. It's quite the coincidence but that's it.

    Unless you're actually actively pursuing her ex's. ;)


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