He calls me sister, but some of his actions a brother wouldn't do, does he have interest in me?

Hey, So me and this guy been best friends for a while now. I talk to him everyday, not to mention see him everyday as well! For the most part we tell each other everything. So these past couple months I've gained feelings for him and scared to show it. He flirts with me here and there, and always picks me up pinching my cheeks what not, but he calls me his LITTLE SISTER!!! I don't get it. The conversations we have and some of the things he do, i don't think a brother should be doing as far as going out to the movies a lot, spending everyday with me, sometimes playful touches on my behind, kissed me on my cheek, and etc. Also, his family includes me in events and asks about me a lot, making me wonder if he ever talks about me. I don't know please help me. i want to tell him how i feel but what if he doesn't feel the same way? or what if i lose my friendship with him?


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  • He wants to get in your underwear


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  • If he calls you sister, I think he does sees you as a sister


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  • Maybe he's into incest. lol.

    • so you think he just wants to have sex with me lol

    • He could like you too.
      Don't know too many throwaway chicks who are part of the family.
      I'm just saying.

  • It's best to just ask him yourself. You'll never know if you just ask random people.


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