Does my guy best friend like me?

My guy best friend's family thinks we are dating or at the "talking stage". They always ask about me especially when he's on the phone no matter who it is. His mom invited me on family trips and other family events. I wonder if he told them about me, to give them that thought of us dating. He always wants me around, literally! i don't go a day without see in him or talking to him. We talk for hours on the phone, sometimes fall alsleep to wake back up on the phone. He takes good care of me. Brings me to my concern, I really like him! BUT i don't think he feels the same way, sometimes I think I may have a chance then again I'm back to square one. I know he has to have something going on with me because I'm the only "female friend" who's always at his house or around his family. I don't know hen he would have any time for another female because he's always with me. I wonder... Do you think that i9 have a chance with him?


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  • I think you're just a really good friend

    • So you don't think I should give it a try

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