I matched w/ a guy on tinder who I have had a crush on for a few years... Not all guys just want hookups right? Am I foolish for being hopeful?

I was just about to delete the app bc honestly the guys in there are players and looking for real love on there has been a joke. Im not into hook ups, I liked the attention and was stupidly hopeful, but now after being hurt twice by two guys on there... I had enough. But then, just as I was going to close it, I saw this guy I had a crush on for 3 years but we've never met. He has never seen me before. I knew of the girl he dated for a while, I stalked on him fb a while ago and thought woahhh I would kill to meet this guy.

So we matched yesterday. Am I foolish for trying again? He's a quiet guy, not like the classic player.. He's small/thin and has long hair and is into reading... and must be into relationships since he dated that girl for a couple years. I don't know what to say to him or how to handle it bc I don't want it to end like my previous encounters. So guys, what should I do or how should I move this in the direction I want it to? Or will it end badly since its tinder?


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  • I met my boyfriend on tinder. He openly admitted he was only on there for dating and nothing serious, but clearly he changed his mind once we met and started hanging out because we've been together a year now. Sure you can be hopeful, just don't be naive. Also, don't hook up with him! I waited a month before my boyfriend and I hooked up. He told me if I had slept with him too early it most likely wouldn't have turned into anything serious and the fact I wanted to wait was one of the things he liked about me most. So just be smart about your actions and don't expect too much.

    • I am going to do that! The last guy I met I slept with too soon, and maybe that's why I don't know. This time I really want to do it right. Ofc given that he wants to haha. Thanks for sharing !

  • I would advise you to send him a message and try to meet him. If you had a crush on him already, then you'll regret if you don't try to meet him now. But then of course, be careful if you want something for real to happen with someone from Tinder. Take your time! But meet him!
    Maybe you'll also see he's really stupid :)

    • Lol he very well could be 🙈

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