What is it I don't have?

OK so yes I'm a mid-20s guy going back to school, but I'm studying a STEM discipline, getting good grades, and I'm in good physical shape. My main defect is that I'm 5'1''.

But other than that, what is it I don't have? Why has every date I've gone on in the last 11 months not gone anywhere? The only girl i was able to get to hang out more than once (12 months ago) was a super boring person whose online profile pictures lacked other people in it; my profile pictures have other people in them. I was fratty in college; so given all this, what don't I have? Why am I never good enough?

Is my problem relying on Match and Tinder too much? Its true I don't have friends, but I'm new where I'm going to school and living; I'm a guy-guys don't force friendships like girls do so as to avoid going out alone. When am I going to get my keep? I'm nice, open, and friendly to everyone I meet; I want something in retunr.


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  • may be the wrong is with others not you , you can try to merges with a group or ork with a team so you can make new friends

    • How much longer at my age can I blame others? When do u just give up and end it?

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  • You said 5'1, or did you mean 5'11?

    • 5'1, thats right. But I'm not fat, I'm not an uncommon ethnicity, I don't have a physical disability, and I want my keep already.

    • Your "keep"? You mean like a house?

    • my "keep" as in my sexual due; I'm a winner, a brosef, and once fratty, and hit up the gym at least 4 times a week and look like it.