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Ok so at the end of a second date, we went to a park and talked for a while. We had been silent for a while, started to talk again, and then he just kinda went for the kiss. This was terrifying because i has never kissed anyone before. we talked a little after that, and then he said something along the lines of "you were better than my first kiss with my ex". At first i thought he was just trying to boost my confidence, seeing as he knew it was my first kiss and i was freaked out af, but when i thought about it more i found it kinda unnerving. Is that weird? Is he not over his ex?

We are both 17 and going to college next year, and agreed to just be friends in college prolly by the way.


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  • I think he was just trying to boost your confidence, but his method certainly didn't account for all of the feelings you would have in response to his statement. He is young and inexperienced, so give him some slack. . . just like you would want some slack because you are young and inexperienced.

    • ok, thanks. my guy friend thought it was weird and was basically telling me like everything that happened at the end of the date was strange, so I felt like i needed outside opinions.

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  • He is definitely Wet behind the Ears in Years her, dear, so Take this into Consideration... Although I am sure you found this to be a bit 'Unnerving.' I would have had a Bad taste in my own Mouth.
    It may have Slipped out about the "EX" who may or may Not still wear an X in his Softie Spot. It happens all of the Time down a Love Line.
    However, give him another Chance with a little Romance, and if he Pulls another Spit ball with a Sour ball, Send him on his Way... He would Indeed still have the Hots for Her.
    Good luck. xx


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  • i think he was just trying to say something nice to you.

    young people tend not to think before they speak.

  • It's been 7 years since my first relationship and I still compare things to that. Making out back then was great! We were making out for like 20 minutes the first time, haha.

  • Don't read to much into it. he's just a social klutz.


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