Fellas , how do you get more matches on tinder?

Fellas , how do you get more matches on tinder ?

I'm no Brad Pitt , but I don't think I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum... Anyway here's some pics I use on tinder , il be lucky to even get one match in a week


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  • Have a funny bio like a really funny one, that always gets me.

    • if you're 6' feet+ put your height in your bio and also I agree with the comments below, grow a beard.

    • Can you recommend things that work for you?

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  • I had almost 400 matches matches on Tinder and found my girlfriend there as well (surprisingly...) with only two pics.

    Here's my advice:

    Your pics scream an air of depression. Take pics in a bright location (yes this does matter, especially for girls) as pics in a bright location will naturally make you look happier, content, etc. Perhaps try something outdoors.

    Moreover some of the pics look like you are a thug or the type who sprays graffiti on buildings. Girls do not like this...

    There's a difference between an all around successful badass/risk taker that every girl admires and some punk who scribbles code using Sharpies on the side of a building.

    Lastly, put up a pic of yourself in a suit, seriously. Or perhaps you at work. Your pics are screaming someone who lives in basement. I'm not saying you live in a basement of course but your pics make it seem like you do. Girls like men who are driven, passionate, and goal oriented.

    Didn't mean to sound like a jerk of course, I sincerely want to help.


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  • From my experience it's nice to know a little about the guy. So even if I think the guy is really attractive, I won't swipe right if he hasn't got a bio. Or one that I can relate to/ is interesting.

    • Well it's just stated Business law/economics

    • Well that's not really intriguing.
      Try including a bit about your personality. Maybe some hobbies? I don't know... if you just want to be matched for your looks then the bio isn't important, but if you want to find someone you can get along with then something interesting to read is needed. Just write something brief or attempt to be funny.

    • I also noticed a guy recommend having other ladies in your pics. That's a big no, it's quite a turn off... I'm not even a jealous person but there's just something about seeing photo's like that.

  • Some of your pictures are really good, others are pretty unflattering IMHO, but I don't use Tinder so I don't know how much that affects things.

    • Which is ok? Which one is bad?

    • I like the 2nd and 3rd, 1st picture is a little too blurry to look decent to me, and there was another comment about the guy in the back ruining it. I also really don't know about the 4th, it might just be a little unflattering?

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  • You start by not looking like this guy:


    Add to that a hefty dose of thug, and plenty of pics of you with other girls.

    • Alright cool , thanks

    • Thanks will do πŸ‘

  • First pic the guy behind you ruins it
    Second pic looks like it belongs on a christian dating site
    Third pic looks like a mugshot
    Fourth pic I'm not touching

    Tinder is a superficial app so you gotta be superficial. Take pics showing off a cut bod, get pics of you doing hobbies. Got female friends? Use them for social proof to show that chicks can stand to be around you.

    • Ok thanks

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    • i agree 100%, also be funny, I met this really great guy on tinder I mostly swipes right because he was hilarious (somewhat attractive too)

  • Your profile is cringe as fuck OP.

    Read my tinder guide and fix your shit up.

  • for me I'd have to actually make a tinder.
    I'm not going to do that

    • Yeah think il stop using it soon.

    • Deleting it is the best thing you can do.

      The only guys that do good with online dating, apps, etc, are the guys women throw themselves at in real life. If you're not one of those guys, you might as well not bother. Get acquainted with the escorts in your area and remain single your entire life. You'll be much happier in the long run.

  • You won't get many matches, period. Unless you look like a douchebag male model (either hipster or clean style) with filtered main picture and/or your pictures suggest you are very wealthy. Girls are a lot more picky on Tinder than they are in real life (because they get dozens or hundreds of matches per day and you don't get to use humor, intelligence and body language on Tinder), that's just the way it is. I don't think most girls even know about the disparity so they'll give you useless advice like "write a better bio" or "be more creative at messaging". Of course local population density is also a factor: you'll get more matches in Manhattan than rural Kentucky. If you can get one per week to actually stay in a conversation with you you're already doing splendidly.

    Having said all that, you can improve your pictures: find the angle that works best with your face, avoid grainy/blurry pictures, take pictures outside and in non-everyday locations.

  • The pics you took are just not good, period. Not saying you're hideous, they're just bad pics. Try to grow a beard too. I feel like clean shaven guys are doing themselves a disservice by not having a beard?

    • They are... 200 matches in 2 months after I grew a beard.

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    • w/ shoes. So I guess ~ 6'3" and a half w/o shoes

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