What is the best first date you ever had?

Please share your stories...


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  • It was with a guy I dated in college. He brought a little portable grill up to the roof of his house, and we drank wine and grilled our own venison burgers under the stars. Every other first date I had been on was the usual dinner and a movie. This was very simple, but I appreciated the creativity and the way that he managed to make things fun despite neither of us having a lot of money to spend on dates.


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  • Taking my date to college st in Toronto and drinking good wine and eating olives and cheese. She was so fucking sexy. And we were having an amazing conversations about everything. Sex, family (not starting one just our family's) our adventures. Our past dates. And it was so good and so naughty. There was only one other couple in this cozy little Italy restaurant and they were totally into what we were saying that it almost seemed they weren't going to talk to each other all night.
    At one point my date got up to use the lady's room. I didn't notice but the husband from the other table had also gotten up shortly after. When my date got back she said he had walked in on her in the washroom and acted all "Ohhhh I'm soooooooooo sorrrrrrrryyy miss I didn't see the giant picture of a lady on the door"
    We laughed it off. although I think his wife new what he was up to. (I didn't use the washroom but I wonder)
    I thought it was so sexy. She was so gorgeous and saducteve in every way how she talked how she drank and ate, it was something I don't even know how to say. But the air was thick with this vibe she gave off. After the wine olive and cheese. We got up and left. And we were both enjoying the night.
    I figured I had a huge one on the line. And if you reele to fast you snap the line. So I played it cool. I thougbt that if I was this entoxicated by her that all other guys must have tried everything to take her to bed. So I did the opposite. I took her home. It was a 25 minute ride but it was still just the same sexy vibe. When I got to her condo to drop her off I not only had the best date of my life. But the best kiss of my life.

    She's also Cute. And still gives me that same thick sexy vibe everyday.


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  • I haven't really experienced one..

  • I had my eye on a guy in college. We would ride the bus together and just glance at each other a lot.

    I finally got the bawls to approach him, and I did and man was he glad I did. Lol. He asked me to go see a part of town with him (I was new to town). So we did, and he drove.
    Only when we got there... he locked his keys in the car! Lol he was so embarrasd. But I was dying of laughter. Our "date" ended up just laughing at this scenario and him apologizing over and over again.

    I think it was the "best" because I got to see him as a human. Who makes mistakes. And who is able to fix them and not take life so seriously. THAT was super sexy.


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  • Actually, it was a tinder date... Which I think helped loads because neither of us were super worried or trying too hard! It was the most relaxed I had ever been on a first date, and by far this made for the most natural date too.

    We joked off the cuff, had great talks and chemistry before we even sat down for some drinks. ended up staying for dinner and she suggested another bar. The only reason it ended was because I had to catch the last bus back to my place at 1 am.

    Pretty much any other date was someone I knew, a friend of a friend, someone from class etc. So I was always so afraid to fail... but with her, we had zero common connections, which I really liked. I felt like If I messed up, I would never ever see or hear from her again- so of course I was totally comfortable.

  • Somehow I started talking to this girl about guns. She told me she never shot one, so I invited her out to my parents land to go target practicing. She obviously said yes.

    When we got there, I let her shoot my.22 and a.410 shotgun. Since she was only 5'2" 92lbs, I was only giving her the small weapons. She noticed that I was shooting a much bigger gun (12 gauge) and kept hounding me to let her try it. I told her no because it would only knock her over. Once she ran out of ammo, I sat my 12 gauge down and started reloading the.22 for her. She picked up my 12gauge when I wasn't paying attention. I look up... the shotgun goes off, and she's airborne!! Feet swept completely off the ground and landed on her back!

    I just laughed at her told her she deserved it for not listening to me!

  • We met
    We had known eachother a long time
    We had been around eachother
    We kissed
    But never a date
    We were going to see a movie
    Half way there we both kinda looked at eachother and we both asked if we should have sex
    So I drove back to her house at lightspeed and we did
    Then we went out to to see that movie at a later time
    Expect half way there we got horny, so we found a parking lot and banged in my car
    Then I fisnkkt brought her home
    I still remember what movie we supposedly saw