Ex watches all of my snapstories/keeps up with my life?

My ex and I broke up over arguments and long distance and exam stress and the last thing I said to him was "When the weirdness goes away I hope we can be friends" to which he didn't respond but was like "no worries"

Then went NC (which I didn't break) where I'd still include him in my snapchat sending and he'd open them all but then I stopped doing that and just put them on my story. For a few weeks he would check my story and see all of my posts. I still didn't message.

He follows me on Tumblr and I recently dated someone else and it didn't work out and I posted about the break up and it's around this time he stopped looking at my snapstories. He also had exams and end of year around this time.

Recently, he's started looking at all of my snapstories again. He still follows my personal tumblr blog as well. I sent a Heya a few weeks ago, which he saw immediately but didn't respond. I don't know why he's keeping up with my life if he won't even say hello to me.


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  • Probably because he just wants to know where you stand and usually people who break up are a tad bitter about their ex's dating new people so theyre nosey as fuck.

  • Who broke up with who?

    • It was kind of inevitable, both of us didn't see it working, but then he ultimately just wanted it to end because it was "too much"

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    • Hmmmm... thats a tough one. Since distance is still a factor then he may not be in a rush to get back with you. If he's ignoring you then I wouldn't contact him anymore, or respond the first time he tries to contact you. Its hard to say whether he's over you or not... he may not be completely if he's keeping tabs on you...

    • He's rather shy, and I haven't contacted him since that one message/seen his stories or anything. I just don't really know what he wants. I'd like to be friends personally

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