Why are men so confusing ?

I've had a friends with benefits type relationship going on for a few months we meet now and again I really like him and I'm not the type who sleeps about he has been the only man since my break up of 9 years ! I ended the friends with benefits because I want lore from a man not just sex I told him this and he was ok about it. I know he's wanting just fun and he meets other women so we have gone are separate ways. Yesterday I receive a text message from him telling me he has changed his number and gave me his new one I'm just confused about this because he didn't need to give me his new number :/ he could've just disappeared why does he still want to keep contact? He knows I don't want a friends with benefits relationship anymore


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  • Why are women so confusing?


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  • Maybe he wants you to have it just in case you do wanna sleep around again, sometimes you relapse