Girls, Guy I like at work asks me out for drinks but my friend likes him?

I recently started at a new job as a server that I got through a friend of mine. We're not super close and haven't really been hanging out besides work though. She recently told me how she likes this other guy that works at the same place we do and how she and him will probably be dating. Last time I talked to her about it and told her congrats & wished her the best she said thanks and we'll see. So I don't know.

I haven't talked to this guy before and kinda disliked him but we were both talking more the last times we had shifts together and I found that we have a bunch in common and I like him too. Today we closed and he asked me out for drinks after - I wanted to say yes but instead told him that I have a thing to do for nursing school the next day (which is true) and declined. He didn't know I'm in nursing school and he asked me if it's in the same city but I'm actually leaving in August to go back to school in another state. It's not that far away - about 5 hours - but I don't know if I should even go out for drinks with him next time now because a) I know my friend likes him, b) I'm leaving town and quitting my job in about a month.


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  • There is nothing in going out. He would have asked your friend if he was interested in her.

    Beside it's only a month so let him know and enjoy his company for the time being.

    • I'm pretty sure my friend and him went out before but I don't know if they are dating or not. They don't act like a couple around each other but I don't know. Honestly I'm a relationship type of person - I just like the guy and I'd be willing to see what would happen/if it'd turn into something. I don't know about my friend though and I don't know him well enough to see if he's like that with every girl

    • Try to causally mention your friend and see what he'll say about her. Maybe he'll tell you that they went out or it didn't work out.

  • just go, unless she called dibs, then tell him, but honestly either way she doesn't own him lmao id say go for it.

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