How do you put yourself out there?

So guys will ask you out.


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  • You're probably stressing out about it enough that it is causing guys not to approach you. Just go out with your GFs and have fun. Guys find girls having fun interesting/attractive. If your the girl sitting by yourself with a sad face it would cause a "Red flag" to pop up when a guy sees you.

    Why don't you do the asking?


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  • Just be friendly. I apparently have an approachable face because strangers talk to me all the time lol. But remember it's okay for you to approach too! :) If you see something you like, go compliment it and see what happens. At the very least, you'll have made someone's day a little bit.

    • How do you look friendly and have a approachable face?

    • I don't know haha, just smile a lot and be friendly.

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  • Network, build your connections, follow up on invitations, smile and play with your hair (flirty stuff), etc.

    You can be very pretty and still not get so many guys asking you out if you seem difficult to approach, so it helps to give off a kind of warm and easy-going vibe.

  • It's pretty simple.

    - weigh what you should
    - look friendly and approachable

    • How do you look friendly and approachable?

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    • How does the b face look?

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