Baby momma drama !!! Ugh?

Okay so my boyfriend of 9 months has friends that are girls obviously and he lets me go through his messages when he text them, but when I ask him if I can read the messages of him and his baby momma he says "no, because that's none of your business" what's the difference? Is it honestly none of my business just because she the baby momma? She wants to be with him without a doubt and he already told her he will never get back with her, that their only talking because of the baby girl which is 2. What should I do? Or where should I not cross the line?

And not only that, he has her on snapchat so he could "see the daughter" because she lives in a different state, but I know dam well the baby momma is posting pictures of her self and trying to look all cute on snapchat so he could see it


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  • Why are you going through his messages in the first place there should be trust. there really isn't any "baby momma" drama either your creating it. It sounds like your insecure more so with the mother of his child as I understand there is more of history there that obviously won't go away. you should trust his word that he wants nothing to do with her in regards of a relationship of being together but having a relationship (being cordial etc) for the best of the daughter. although I agree its difficult to be with someone who has kids, I myself have a son. For my situation my sons dad and I literally never talk unless its about our son, that being said his wife and I talk all the time through texting etc. She understands me more. I'm not going to say were best friends but I do talk to her about stuff and there is a line that I do draw with some stuff with her maybe try building a relationship with her see if that helps. I know its not going to be easy. but if I can put the past behind and do whats best for our son ( he cheated on me when I was 9 months pregnant and after with her, neither one of us having a clue) it took time of course to get this point of course but after almost 7 years I can honestly say my sons dad and I get along great because our son needs to see we can all get along and be there for him. because that's the most important thing

    • I've tried to plenty of times, and she just doesn't want to, she's the type of person if she can't have him, no one can and if he doesn't do what she tells him to do he can't FaceTime the daughter (they live in a different state) I guess my whole issues is I know he doesn't want to be with her, I just want to know what they text, because when we first started dating, 3 months into it I found out he would still tell her I love you and I want to be with you, just to see the daughter, and that's why I have a doubt, what if he's still doing that beside my back, like lastime we were in bed and she was calling him and he ignored her and she called 6 times he went upstairs to talk to her and told her that he was playing games upstairs and he's phone was charging downstairs, like why didn't he just tell her he was with me? And one time I wrote a quote on he's arm and but it on he's snapchat and when I left o guess she called him crying saying to take it down because she didn't want to see it

    • And he ended up taking it down? Like really it was literally just a picture of he's arm and what I wrote with a caption of "Abi 💞" and it bothered me that he took it down like why do you care so much about her feelings?

    • yikes, that's wrong that he has to do what she says otherwise she holds their daughter against him.. if she continues id take it to court. I have a friend that sounds like you girls in the same situation , he was messaging her stuff like that because she's crazy and if he told her that stuff I guess she wasn't as crazy... Have you asked him why he cares about her feelings like he doesn't want to hurt her feelings so he says whatever she wants to here.

  • You shouldn't need to be looking through any of his texts period.

    • He lied to be before 3 months into our relationship Che was so telling her I love you and the only reason I found out is because the baby momma found me on Facebook and sent me all their messages, she's the tyoe of girl if she's not happy or if he doesn't do what she tells him to do Kiel send money or things, he can't see the daughter or FaceTime her