Why is he acting this way?

I hooked up with a guy like 3 months ago. He hasn't tried to contact me since. But every time I see him at my gym he is looking at me. Also, he even went to a class a go to, and he never does classes, so I find that a bit weird.
Also, since he is giving me the cold shoulder, I'm giving him the cold shoulder back. I don't know if that is childish or not.
Also, he has a girlfriend. When I heard about this I felt so bad, ashamed and embarrassed.
What should I do?

Any advice is welcome.


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  • Does he know that you know he has a girlfriend? He's probably staying away because he feels ashamed now. As he should. And yes it's a little childish, if you want to address it and call him out on it then that's your prerogative, but I don't think it's worth it. Let it go and just ignore him.

  • Just leave it alone. It was just sex. If he liked you, he wouldn't have a girlfriend and he would still talk to you.

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