Girls, what you think about men who were obese and slimmed?

A fair skin left on the arms, thighs and stomach would be a big problem for you guys?
I'll have a date with a woman I met on tinder and I am fearful because of it...
I can't workout because of certain problems and my plan does not cover cosmetic surgery.
It's my fate to be forever alone because of this?


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  • no there are tons of girls that wouldn't mind as long as they find you attractive and you have a nice personality. i think they'll just be glad you slimmed down to a healthy weight and if you think/let it show you don't like it or talk about it negatively they'll also think of it negatively. it's your choice whether to let her know during the date or before things would get sexual about it. If you dont, there's a possibility she'd be fine with it if she finds you're a wonderful guy :) it wouldn't be a deal breaker for me.. you just have to find open minded girls and girls that aren't superficial. If your personality is on point i dont think girls would mind as much where as if you're pessimistic all the time about it, it could be a turnoff. You just have to find girls that'll take it or leave it. If your date minds it, find someone else less superficial, someone who will look at your personality first.

    • Thanks for share your opinion about this matter! :)
      I was really worried about this, but seeing a woman saying that took a weight off my mind and turned off my anxiety.
      I think I'm a nice guy! XD Let's see how things roll out.
      I'll follow your advice and live by the "take it or leave it" philosophy!

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