Will he ever contact me again?

I just really need advice on this. Me and my now ex boyfriend broke up, we dated for 6 to 7 months. What I found out was, that he was dating the mother of his children be hide my back. The way I found out was one of my close friend screenshot her Facebook page and it showed what she tagged him in. Which is the picture (below). Which shows they are together I text him cus him out. Because what man would let his mother of his children tag him in a post unless they are together. Of Course he never text me back. Now it has been a week and I have been trying to get hold of him for him explain to me why he cheated on me and give me my closure. But yesterday was my last time of trying to contact him and this has been a longest he hasn't contact me. Because when we break up he would call me and we would make up. I am not saying I want to get back with him, and I just want to hear what he got to say. And now I don't know if he will never try to contact me. I just need advice it is possible for a man to come back to you when he always did?, will he come back again or will he never?Will he ever contact me again?

please someone anyone give me advice on this


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  • I understand wanting closure, but honestly, we don't always get that and have to find it on our own. I really don't think you need it anyway, bc he's giving you all you need to know. The fact that he won't even bother to reply or try and explain himself shows his lack of care for you. I also don't think he has a good explanation, it just is what it is. I'm sorry you're going through this, because it does hurt. However, I don't think he deserves any of your pain, so move on. Block him however you can, and focus on yourself. Karma has a great way on working it's magic, he will get his one day.

    • But can I ask you this though, the fact that she tag him in the picture that I post above showing that they are together right?

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    • Thats what I thought because why would be let her do that. Thats something I have been dealing with for months. Before we broke final this time we broke up and he said he was sick of the crap because there was evidence the was with her. He told me that we did not want to stop talking to me and that he loves me and then this happened. So I did not know if I was overthinking and be crazy or he really mean they were together.

    • One thing I've learned is that when a man or woman have small children, they're usually still dealing with the other parent on a romantic level. This guy sounds like he flat out lied, and people do that. It's really messed up, but I think this is for the better. He sounds like scum.