Is she interested/playing hard to get or does she just like the attention?

I asked this girl out a few times and each time she flaked but said she was free later, but not a specific day. I took this as she was not interested so I left her alone and stopped reaching out to her. I tried moving on but I recently saw her again and she said "let's connect" when she gets back from her trip and she gave me the specific day she would be back. She then gave me a hug which she never does. A little background... she does work 2 jobs and lives across the city, about 20-30 mins away. She never initiates contact but always replies when I do. Is she playing hard to get or does she just like the attention?


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  • Question is how long can you do this for? Do you want to wonder about what she's doing or if it's a game?

    Personally, I'd just leave it at she likes you as a friend. She's not interested by reading the 'each time she flaked' part of the information.

    You can either keep doing this and wondering ooooor move on.

    • Yea but when I tired moving on and didn't contact her for a couple weeks, she says she wants to meet up. I don't get that...

    • For the same reason a man would. It's just because she's got nothing else to do, needs a distraction, you're back-up dude.

  • She could just be really busy.

    I know it sounds too obvious but sometimes thats just it.

    • My wishful thinking hopes she's just busy but part of me feels like she's not interested. She is older than me and part of me also thinks she wants to see if I will be committed to a serious relationship or if I'm just looking for a fling because I'm at least 5 years younger

    • @Asker, I see. Well if you really love this woman then you need to try to exercise a little patience and to man up when you have too.

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