I like him and I don't want to mess it up. Advice?

So I met this guy online over a month ago and I like him. We talk every day and have hung out twice. Both times we had sex but we also went out and we plan to continue to hangout and do outdoor activities. I don't want to annoy him in any way or pretty much fuck it up lol I have not done the dating thing in a few years so I would like to know the DO's and DONT's kind of things, mostly DONT'S lol


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  • It all depends on what you want from the relationship? It sound like it sounds like it's causal not too serious yet. Do you want more or are you ok with FwBs as Having sex on the 1st/2nd dates that's what it seem like to me.

    • I'm not looking anything serious. Just kind of keep it how it is now with hanging out and having sex. Im not having expectations of it becoming something serious. Kind of just casual dating for now would be alright and if it later became something more that'd be a plus. I just don't want to him to get the idea that I'm trying to tie him down

    • I don't think you are.. from what you said. I think if you started being clingy and txting/calling all the time..."where are you?, who are you with?, what are you doing? then he might start to feel smothered.

      Sounds like a perfect relationship too me, got any friends in NJ, LOL ;-)

    • Yeah I'm not doing that lol we do text everyday but I don't start it. I just wait and he's the one who sends me a text first. Awwww ok sweet :) thank you. Aww sorry I don't :/ Iv never even been there :( one day I will though :)

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  • A month ago and you've met twice and had sex both times. I hate to break it to you but he's not interested in dating you. You're just a booty call. If he was interested, you would be seeing a lot more of him.