Does my boyfriend have something to hide? Why is he acting this way? He's so rude and horrible He's been away for a month. HELP ME?

I am with my boyfriend 6 years next week, he's in need in Spain on a months holiday with his friend he's home on Saturday night. The first week of him gone was hard and I was quite upset, I'd ask him to call me when he could and he would reply ' no I don't want to etc' or " I'm busy" so I stopped asking him. The he started to fight with me and say things like ' I ruined his holiday, it's all my fault we are fighting' so he stopped talking to me for a week. He came back and texted me acted like nothing happened. But we where fine again, and he was saying lovely things to me and that he missed me so much etc. Then when the first at he left , my friends was joking with me and posted a sad song on my Facebook and write " this is gonna be you' just messing with me because my boyfriend went. Well last Friday he seen it on my page and texted me " how dare you and your stupid friend talk about me I'm so embarrassed what if my sister sees that the cheek of your rotten fat friend and as for you I don't think I want this anymore, I can't stand this relationship anymore" I didn't no what to say. I was so shocked. Plus my friend never ever wrote his name or anything or anything bad. So he didn't text me or anything. I wrote to him 2 days ago and said I'm sorry about all that it wasn't anything bad towords you , where do I stand with u? He replied " I don't no anymore, the only feelings I have towords you are anger now" we where absolutely fine until this? I just don't understand? I then said " please I don't no what I have done but please don't say hurtful things like that to me" he then said " what's your point? ' I didn't text him back I was so upset. He's home on Saturday and I haven't heard from him. i don't no what to do or think. What should I really do? He said its my fault because " I wasn't nice ' I have always been nice to him. He knows we sorted everything out so I don't understand why he is like this. Please could anyone help me. Thank you x


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  • You both were wrong in my book, You were Clingy/nagging and he was being distant/cold.

    Why did you let your friend start a fight? It does sound like your boyfriend was frustrated by your actions/the relationship and the facebook thing just pushed him over the edge.

    • I wasn't nagging. I left him to do his thing, and I understand he is away. But my friend didn't start a fight? She sent me a song, and said that's you now. ( because i was sad he left) he wasn't tagged and no one even said my boyfriends name. And nothing bad was said. Maybe your right, I'm not sure because he's not talking to me now. Thanks for your feed back

    • It might not be the way you saw it but that looks like the way he did. Maybe he has anger management issue and it just sets him off. I have things that to this day my sister does that instantly infuriates me just like it did 20yrs ago. They people that you are closest too, are the best at pushing your buttons.

      I've had GFs were her friends use to do shit that started fights and my girlfriend didn't see a problem with what she did/said.

      It might also been the thing that he was waiting for to break up.

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  • He's hiding something. Lose him.


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  • He sounds like a whining little shit. Dump his ass. He's obviously with the mentality of 14 y/o.

    • Mind of a 14 year old. He's 23. It's crazy πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

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    • I don't like telling people what they should do but it sounds to me there no longer a relationship between you two. If you decide to end things be careful. He sounds... unstable and aggressive.

    • πŸ’™β€thank you

  • He probably has someone on the side, I was with my ex for 6 years also and have kids with her but she ended up cheating on me.


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