When do we DTR?

So I've been on two dates with this guy and on the last one we kissed. We talked after the first date, admitting we like eachother but just want to be friends when college starts. We agreed going on dates and hanging out at grad parties and stuff would be fun for the summer. I thought this was fine, but my guy friend told me I need to define the relationship. After our second date, I asked my friend where I go from here, and he told me again that I need to define the relationship, or I would get hurt. I know high school aged people (me) define things earlier, but I think it's still too early... then again I don't think we want eachother seeing other people rn. I don't know if it's the right time, so when is the right time and how do I go about it?


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  • It depends and is different for everyone. For me it's around 3-4 months.

    Some people have defined it the moment they started seeing one another.

    - Before anything sexual happens, i. m. o.

  • Whenever you want. It sounds like it's time.