My girlfriend send me the last song her ex send to her before they break up?

She send me the song "Michael Jackson- Who Is It" and told me she really like it. She forget she told me long ago it was the last song her ex send to her.
And she send me this song and ask me normally what i think about it and I was like. Why do you send me this song?
She reply whats wrong?
I said its the last song her ex send to her then she replied really slow. Like she knows she fucked up.
Oh and one more thing 4 days ago her ex send her a message for first time after 2 years. She told him she forget him and then block him on facebook. But her listening to this song few days after he sends her a message? :(
I feel like shit now please anyone give any advice please.


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  • Dump her. She's about to fuck around with her ex. It's going to happen either way, you might as well let her be single when she does it so you can spare yourself the pain of being cheated on.


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  • Shit. I don't know how to make you feel better, sinceI'd be mad too if I were in your position.


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  • sounds good