Drunk texts?

OK if a guy friend texts drunk(1am Saturday night) "I'm yours, if your mine" followed shortly after by "you and me how about it babe". These are not the only drunk texts he sends just the most recent. It is booty call ,drunk bull s**t, or what. Like I said please more than one answer

Yeah thinking booty call too. But d confusing part is I moved and now live bout 2hrs away, you'd think he'd find someone a little closer to home. As for him texting cause he's not having fun...every weekend? DOUBT IT
Yes I've confronted him he apologized and said he'd have to turn off his phone when he goes out. Then he disappeared no contact for 2 months. Until he texted drunk(!) "Is it OK if I tell you I love you?". So any insight?
That's the problem I'm a cynic and from years of working in a bar you wouldn't believe some of d crap I've heard. And I've run out of ideas to try and get this guy to actually talk to me. But I will agree with d shyness bit he's even told me that!


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  • did you confront him about those text msg?

    • I think he has feelings for you and is too shy to tell you so when he is drunk its obviously harder for him to hide them. you can see it as a booty call but I'm the romantic type of guy so for me it sounds like his way of confeesing his feelings but maybe its just me lol.

      Someone is deeply attracted by you, have fun with it. I hope you like the attention lol.

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    • Lol ... I'll remember that the next time I see an Irish cutie

    • Thank you 133mike you've been a great sound board, much appreciated

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  • hmm...think it might be a booty call, but then again, he is thinking about you when he is drunk...that means wherever he is, he isn't having that much fun because he might be missing you.