Can I add my work crush on facebook?

Okay so I just came off a relationship which i was ready to be over...

and i even switched jobs to change my life for the better, improved schedule, pay and oppurtunities.

On the first day (orientation) I sat in front of a girl who I didn't notice for the entire paper work until we were moved to a differrent spot which then i chose to sit next to her.

We talked a bit and she laughed at all my jokes I made, and i have continued to see her around the property (because i deliver stuff around) and i keep waving and smiling as best as I can... i even bumped into her at lunch and casually asked her how she was doing on her second day at work... she also asked about mine...

I am very unsure if she is just being nice, or if she might be interested but is shy (she is actually a few years younger than me)

So really I have only known her since Tuesday, and I made a note to remember her name because I felt mesmerized by her...

Would it be weird to just SEND her a facebook request? Although she has her work listed, I dont want to creep her out... especially since I always notice her if I bump into her. Should I wait a bit more until I do?


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  • I add all my work friends.
    I don't even think about who I add to Facebook anymore really, I just remember "hey I am now friends with a person in real life, I should find them on FB"