Is it common for guys to mention a second date even when they are not interested?

I've been on a ton of first dates lately. At the end of the date, most of the guys will say something to the effect of "I had a great time, we should do it again." But only 25% of them have actually follow up for a second date.

Is eluding to a second date, even when you are not interested, a common courtesy type thing? Or is it possible that I'm unconsciously doing something that makes them think I'm not interested? I alway make sure tell them thank you and that I had a nice time and would love to do it again. I'm not sure what I'm missing or doing wrong.


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  • Wow Im reading myself in your post. Tha is exavtly what happened to me one year ago. The guy and I went out on a date for my first time though. I had a good time and he seemed also to have a good time, in fact he even asked me what did I think of him. We made out as he was the one initiating the kissing, we also hugged. At the end of the date I told him thank you and I had a good time. Weeks later we texted each other and like you we kind of spoke about going out again he even kind of hunted we should go out again. But guess what? The date never happened, the agreement was left on the text. I did not even bother to text him again like to remindhim to go ou twth me anyway.

    It never took place becuae the jerk went off to Europe with my male cousin and he never mention ed me e was going to Europe and while in Europe he kind of told me that whatever we had or it was is not going to work that he is sorry and that he hoped I was ok.
    I felt the guy believed I was hitting on him or coming too srrong and that turned him offf and he was not even thinking in having a relationship anytime soon or ever, but I was not thinking that eitehr, I was just first getting to know him, but I guess he preceive it differently. So a second date never happened and It won't ever happen at all, even if at the first date there was nothing wrong but later in weeks, he chnaged his mind.

  • Actions speak louder than words. Any chance say that

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