Do I have strange taste in men? Why did my cousin say that I need to set my sights higher?

I've always been interested in quieter, intelligent, artistic men... I've got a thing for drummers too. Usually my type of guy is pretty thin and boney, muscles don't attract me, pale skin, and dark eyes and hair, usually longer hair. I like quiet and nice guys, ones that appear to really be thinking and hold intelligent conversations. I am well aware that I am attractive, as my cousin keeps reminding me... He says I should find a "clean cut" man who shops at Abercrombie and is buff and normal... Instead of "freaks" and guys who look like they stay inside all day and are unkept.

But I've always been attracted to messier men.. I don't know I like guys who understand life for all its colors. And I am attracted to men who look and act that way. Do I have weird taste?

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  • Tell you to mind his own business. You have your preferences, you like what you like.


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  • I put "weird" but "weird" is good, if every girl liked the exact same type of guy, many of us would be screwed. Sounds like an intellectual rock star sort who likes to paint with watercolors sort of thing.

    • I had a girlfriend who was into this type pretty much, except I don't know if she cared about "intelligent". She was a huge fan of John Frusciante of Red Hot Chili Peppers. Unfortunately I don't really look like that -- closer to Anthony Kiedis in terms of physical build/face.

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  • It's not. My niece has a similar taste to that.