Please tell me what this guy wants from me?

We've hung out a few times at his place, never in public. He's really immature but he's older than me by quite a few years. We've had sex but I'm not very experienced so they weren't anything spectacular.

When he he looks at me I can tell he really thinks I'm beautiful, he's called me pretty and just the look on his face changes when he looks at me. He gets mad at me because he knows I hold myself back from socializing and meeting people - I'm shy and just ran away from home a year ago.

The other night I came over and we watched some shows and hung out - he didn't pressure me to have sex, he never does so that's why I'm confused. He's told me he sees other girls, I'm honestly just around him because I'm lonely. He told me I'm like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly and spread my wings and that I'm blooming into something wonderful. When I asked him what he wanted from me he Got all mad, I don't understand why and he won't answer the question.

I understand and he'd be using me if we were having sex but we aren't even. What's going on?


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  • hmm girl he seems shady/:

  • I don't think he wants anything from you. Except for sex. You mention you and him have already had intercourse. And maybe you are someone he likes. But only as a friend.