This has been going on for a year. Move on or give up?

So I met him through his mom. I'm a server and she was drunk and she thought her son will like me. I gave them my number wasn't expecting anything the next day he was texting me. We met after a few months and I wasn't planning on it but we had sex. In our text messages we didn't mention anything about having sex. Our conversations have been about our day, our life, work, etc. And this has been going on for almost a year. We've hangout/been intimate since then and he has met a friend of mine, while I met a few of his family members and some friends. He tends to bail on our plans so I don't make them he does. Apparently he talks about me because he's best friends family saw me and couldn't stop staring at me when I went out with my family. I'm confuse and when I stop talking to him he'll send me a picture that reminds him of me, he saves photos of me ( makes meme of them) , we talks almost everyday. Guys what should I do, give up or just realized that I'm forever in the friend zone. Ps we always kiss each other goodbye.


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  • Sounds Depressing your story. He seems to like you but has some kind of other issues going on holding him back

    • Coming from a guy do you have any idea what that could be?

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    • He has a job
      He's okay
      Successful in my eyes but he wants to achieve more
      Great family relationship, parents are divorced
      He's mature
      And most likely

    • That being said perhaps he just doesn't want to be serious and your more like a friends with benefits kind of deal

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  • STAY with him, girl you're not in the friendzone, good things take time, this guy seems great and he makes memes AND HIS family and friends already know about you!!