Is she interested in me or is she not?

I've been trying to date this stubborn girl at my church for about a month now and I've been getting these mixed signals. Today she's telling me she loves me and next time we meet she's all keeping to herself and answers everything "I don't know". It's almost like everytime she shows a bit of what she feels she runs and hides her emotions all over again. As of writing this I've already given up on her but it won't be till Saturday before I meet her at (read more on Is she interested in me or is she not?


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  • she says she loves you then hides her emotions :/ I don't know bruh... tell her that you don't appreciate when people play with your feelings and tell her quit leading you on... and if she still continues then move on

  • She could be a little shy and indecisive. It happens.


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