Will an immature/shy guy hide his feelings for the girl he likes?

I think this guy who likes me is immature, inexperienced and shy..

He only stares at me when I'm not looking (my frnds have caught him several times n even I myself), will sometimes make eye contact with me (we've locked eyes once for a few secs), finds excuses to hang around me, stares at me from afar but does not approach me

He also acts totally weird around me.. he wants my attention and yet at the same time he ignores me.. n sometimes doesn't even acknowledge my presence in public, like he literally once turned away when I walked close by him..

I tried to talk to him once but he was acting like a jerk however he was blushing like crazy.. he was literally red in the face..

However he's very comfortable talking to other girls and is an outgoing guy but whenever he's around me he goes really quiet..

Does he not not know how to deal with his feelings for me? Why won't he admit that he likes me?

I did have a crush on him but I'm not so sure anymore.. he acts plain weird..


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  • "Why won't he admit that he likes me?" Because he is shy, quite simple.
    The real question is "If he is immature, why do you bother?"

    • So he'll probably never admit it? And since he is immature I shouldn't bother myself with him?

    • About the never admit part I'm not 100% sure but probably true. But surely you shouldn't bother about someone you consider an immature person.

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  • He doesn't like you.

    • Why is that? He keeps staring at me like all the time whenever I'm not looking and was also totally red in the face when I talked to him.. he also couldn't say more than a few words..

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