This guy is being confusing, Should I be patient? Or just tell him what I wanna say?

First of aAll I have been in 2 long term relationship and I never had to deal with anything like this, even my break ups were peaceful and friendly. So I dont know how should I feel about this guy:
I have been hooking up/dating tbis guy for the past 4 months, as we knew we were not going to see each other after the end of May we never labeled our relationship. The day we were saying goodbye, he was the one who suggested we should keep in touch, and he said he wants to see me again and he will try to come back and see me. Its been 4 weeks that we're away, he has been a little late in answering my msgs but I just assume he's busy, and since I'm not a pushy person, even though I see him online all the time I dont force him to reply to me.
But 4 days ago he asked me if I could see us as something more long term, and I told him that I like him very much, but since we're apart, I can't decide wether I wanted to be in a long distance relationship or not, and ask him to call me so we can talk. He didn't call me for two days and I finally asked him what was going on, he ask me to enjoy my vacation and said we'll talk soon.
He used to message me telling me he misses me, but now when I send him a I miss you message, he says something completely irrelevent.
On the other hand he likes my pictures on instagram everyday.
I'm just confused cause I wanna know what is going on. At this point I'm not scared of losing him (even though it will be painful), I just wanna know what is going on.
It's been 2 days since we've talked. I haven't msged him because I dont like to be pushy. But maybe I should msg? I'm very confused.


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  • Hey if someone truly likes you, they will make time for you. This is the problem with 'hooking up' first, because you become more of a friends with benefits. He could be stringing you along its up to you now to talk with him and ask what is really going on and tell him how you feel.

    • So I shouldn't wait anymore for him to come to me? You do agree that he's being strange right?
      The thing is, If I message him I would probably tell him how childish this situation is and I dont like to be treated this way, and I might just end whathever this is that we're doing. And Based on how nice and caring he was before, I'm scared I might be wrong

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    • I took your advice, we talked and its all good now! Thank you :*

    • Yayyyy!!! All the best to you.

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