What am I suppose to do about her?

my girlfriend is coming back from visiting family from the states. It takes her about 6 hours to get home. You can tack on a hour or so for stops. She really wants to see me. We live an hour and a half away from each other. So she'd likely get home around 8. I'd get there by 9 and have to leave early cause I get up at 8 to get ready for my 12 hour work shift. I'll likely on, y get to be with her for like 3 hours before I have to leave. She's mad at me cause I told I can't. Lately it's been me always coming to see her. What should I do?


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  • She should be a little more understanding because of the distance and your work schedule


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  • 1. If she gets home at 8, you could arrive at her house at 8.

    2. Offer to meet her halfway.

    3. Ask her if she realizes that she never travels to visit you.

    • I said to meet half way she' said she'd be too tired to drive

    • Her unwillingness to compromise or work with you is like a sneak preview of a movie. It is the handwriting on the wall.