Caught my SO messaging another girl telling her she's beautiful and now I can't stop thinking about it?

I'm not gonna go into full detail because it's too much, but basically he told me that he had "forgot" he even sent the message and that he sent it while he was drunk and didn't think anything of it. Still doesn't make it okay though, it really hurt me cause you don't go around telling other women their beautiful, I don't care who it is. I hate how I feel right now, I feel so broken.


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  • I know exactly how you feel. It sucks because you feel like he should only be saying that kind of stuff to you and it makes you insecure because now it sounds like he has eyes for other people. There's nothing much you can do aside from try and forget about it. If it never happens again then maybe it was just a one-off thing and he really does recognize it as something inappropriate. But if you catch it again I would have a serious talk about it saying that it makes you insecure and unhappy and see how he responds.

    • Yeah, I'm trying not to give him too much shit about it, he's getting mad that I'm still upset over it the next day but it's just really hard for me to let that go. I'm trying too, but I can't help my emotions and my overthinking on things. If it does happen again then I'm definitely gonna blow up

    • He shouldn't be getting mad at you.. Especially because it sounds like you're trying to do your best to get over it.

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  • So what's the question?


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  • Then talk to him about it again and explain how you feel, and that his "drunk excuse" doesn't justify it.

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