How was dating different in the past then it is now?

Now when you date you text for a while go on dates then keep texting until you think you're ready to be in a relationship. How was dating different in the past when there wasn't as much technology like 70-90s


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  • Dating is actually much more complicated, relationships are notably shorter, and competition is much higher.

  • I think people used to date one person at a time rather than several then choosing the best.


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  • well in my country dating was very modest.

    One of the cutest story I recall at the moment was during a war or some conflicts can't remember.

    Throughout those bloody time, this guy's father owned boat business.
    So most of the time he was in charge.

    If I remember correctly, the girl he loved would send him letters through a boy (the boy carrying the letter) then give it to him.
    They would exchange letter like that. He had to I think go with the boat to the otherside for that.

    Nothing was physical or dirty. It was true romance without even anything that evoked desires. Those were saved for marriage.

    Now they have been married for so many years. The daughter came to live with us two years ago. She was 23 , married and pregnant. : D

    so yeah has been more than 30 years of marriage at least or most and still going strong.