Advise needed! Please help me?

My boyfriend and I have been together for a month and honestly I'm not happy. I went to a party and seen my frien Tyler and I told Tyler how I really felt about him. But in not sure that Tyler will take me seriously and date me... I don't want to give up my boyfriend for Tyler
I'm really confuse on who I want
should I break up with my boyfriend so that I can work on myself and figure out what I want? Tyler likes me but he's a hoe im leading on both guys and it's not fair.


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  • I think you should break up... I mean you confessed to Tyler, some guy who isn't your boyfriend... You could see it as a bit cheating, flirting with someone else...
    I think you should take your time and think about this... and if you still like this Tyler, you should break up. Who ever your boyfriend is, he's probably a kind person who doesn't deserve this


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  • "I'm leading on both guys and it's not fair".
    You shouldn't be in a relationship at all.
    Leading someone on is wrong.
    Working on yourself isn't.
    It's best to be honest with yourself and about the situation you are in, and take things from there.

    Although you claim you'd never leave your boyfriend for Tyler,
    technically you have because your heart or desires are with him.
    When you're in a relationship, your desire should be only your boyfriend and how YOU feel about him; nothing else.
    I really think you should take a time out for you.


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  • I'm sorry but he's dating me now. My advice is: you need to move on and stop being a nut job. He doesn't love you.

  • tyler is not a hoe. you a hoe

  • If you really did love your boyfriend you wouldn't be having these mixed feelings, plus you say your not happy with your present boyfriend , You already have the answer to your question, break up with your boyfriend and leave Tyler alone because he's not boyfriend material, which means you will be single.. or just take sometime away from both dudes


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