What are some pros and cons of dating you?

Here are mine:
I have great legs
I have a nice butt
Nice boobs
I'm short (idek if this is a pro or con but o whelp)
I'm flexible
It's never boring when you're with me
I like cuddling
I always enjoy talking to you
I try my best to always make you happy
I'll always want to take pictures of either you, or us
I'm so so awkward
Sometimes I don't know what to talk about
sometimes I drag out conversations too long
I'm a little chubby
I'm not a 10/10 but whelp
I'm not really good at anything
Oh and im constantly worried if you're dating me out of pity and it's hard for me to trust you


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  • Your cons
    Awkward is cute and funny
    That's okay, most people don't, eventually conversations come naturally with a person you have a good relationship with
    Too skinny ain't my thing (and I'm a pretty thin guy)
    I don't know if I've ever seen a 10/10 in person, and rating systems suck, everyone has their own thing
    I doubt that, but if you really aren't then just get good at something. Nothing is more sexy than a girl with a neat passion (not fingernail polish and selfies please)
    No one will date you out of pity, that's silly

    Here's my list

    I have passions, I love to do stand up comedy and write fiction
    Im a finance PhD student and love what I do, especially the research
    I'm good looking by most standards (I get offered a job every time I go into Abercombie, so that must mean something)
    I have great hair and eyes
    I dress well
    I really care about people and am probably a bit higher on the estrogen count than most guys, haha!

    I'm pretty skinny, you can't tell that I'm toned if I'm wearing a shirt, and you might just think I'm super skinny
    I'm pretty career oriented, and I am not a guy that you can plan to spend every waking hour with
    My teeth are a bit stained, not noticeable unless you're up close, but I'm still self conscious- I grew up extremely poor, I didn't see a dentist until I was 18. I'm actually surprised my teeth are as white as they are. Thinking of getting lumineers.
    I have not really been able to settle; I think I'm seeking the perfect girl a bit too much


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What Guys Said 26

  • PROS
    I am perfect in every way.
    I'm a conceited asshole.

  • Pros: I'm awesome
    Cons: I may be too much awesome for you to handle

  • Pros:
    Im a romantic at heart
    Im a adventurer at heart
    I have a pretty good IQ
    I am understanding
    I am loving
    I can be funny at random times
    I despise cheating
    I am honest as i can be
    I am real, you dont have to worry about going through hoops or games with me
    I dont create drama because i dont see the point in it.
    I am tall so i can reach things you can't
    I dont stress easily
    I try my best to be dependable
    I can cook
    I can sing
    And more.

    I can be forgetful
    Sometimes complain like an old man
    I can be a bit critical of other people at times
    I am usually in pain from a neck and back injury years ago and can't get out too often
    I sometimes blow up but usually its just to clear the air but i do apologize
    I can be hard headed at times
    Im not fond of chocolate or sweets
    And a few others.

    • Oh, con a bit over weight but working on loosing it

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    • Angel flowers? I love it omg

    • Yup, going based off part of your screen name and nickname so i though, Angel Flowers

  • Pros:
    I'm a great listener
    I'm always supportive
    I'm thoughtful
    I'm sweet and lovable
    I'm smart so I can help out with brainy things
    I can take a lot of space
    I'm hard to reach
    I'm not a 10/10
    I'm still young
    I haven't got my college degree yet
    I have a lot of emotional pain from the pass
    I can hold grudges so I don't forgive unforgivable things

    • More cons
      I don't have a job
      I don't have experience in relationships or sex

  • Pros: I'm somewhat attractive I think
    I'm the sweetest person you'll ever date, I promise that
    I'm affectionate
    I'm smart
    I'm responsible enough to have two jobs and school
    I know how to be refined and polite in front of your parents
    I can cook
    I'm pretty good in bed
    Cons: I'm socially awkward in numerous situations
    I don't understand societal concepts often
    I'm a metal head and most girls don't like metal
    I can be busy

  • Pros: I'm not secretive and I won't spread your secrets.
    I'm super affectionate and lovely but not clingy
    I'm loyal
    I get jealous easily
    I don't think highly of myself sometimes, random bouts of crying
    And I guess I can be a bit controlling but I can correct that behavior good.

    • Two more pros and two cons
      Pros: I'm supportive and a good listener
      Cons: I talk too much and I'm not experienced with relationships and intimacy.

  • I'm cool asf with too many positives to list but I can lose my temper sometimes also my pride and dignity are so important that I would fight anyone anywhere about respect. also I smoke a lot of weed I mean a lot.

  • Pros:
    I'm laid back
    Super laid back
    Pretty chill
    I got hobbies
    Not fat
    Pretty funny as many people here can attest
    Pretty good looking
    Fit bod
    Reliable and trustworthy

    Pretty distant
    Don't really care all that much
    Not really attentive/affectionate
    Don't like talking
    Hate small talk
    Kind of reclusive
    More of a homebody
    Typically have a dry, sarcastic personality
    I have an amazing ability to turn open-ended questions into close-ended questions
    Annoyed by stupid, girlish behaviour
    Not very trusting of people
    Unfortunate tendency to fall too quickly for chicks I'm attracted to

    Total catch, guys. 100% total catch.

  • Pros: Male
    Cons: Drunk

  • pros: 3 weeks free trial of dating me, lol
    cons:im awkward as hell :D

  • Pros: I'm funny
    Cons: I'm batshit crazy.

  • Pros:
    Good sense of humor

    Distant/Cold, but once I warm up to you I'm the best ever. So yeah if I remain that way then something is wrong.
    Lack of relationship experience (most of mine haven't lasted long)
    Forgetful/Absent-minded at times
    Not that great of a cook (working on that though)

  • Pro's :

    - financially affluent
    - welcoming of all
    - Life and book smart
    - Great in bed
    - great cook and great dancer


    - choose never to date :)

  • Pros: I'm a great guy
    Cons: I only date one girl at a time.
    Since I'm in high demand, if you're interested, you might want to hurry ;)

  • Pros

    - I'm tall
    - I'm jacked af
    - have like 103838282 abs
    - my moms hella rich and I have two trucks
    - potential future in NFL


    - deez nuts

  • Pros: I'm devilishly handsome.
    Cons: I'm too handsome (be prepared to bring a second pair of panties with you when I'm around, ladies).

  • Pros
    I'm rich
    I'm relaxed
    I'm fairly hung
    I have a truck
    I have a boat
    I am sexually experienced\

    Starting to go bald
    Am about ten pounds overweight
    don't have a job
    only had one girlfriend

  • Pros : No idea
    Cons : Still no idea :P
    You sound fun though

  • Pros:
    Im fabulous

  • Pros
    I can fix shit around your house

    I text back one word replys

  • pros i have a 12 inch c0ck

  • PROS:
    I don't eat pussy
    I don't eat ass

    I have a small penis
    I have green eyes
    My anus tingles when there's a full moon
    I like sex

    • Your pros can be considered cons to some people lol and having green eyes are a pro

  • This is an interesting question

    I will try my absolute hardest to make sure you have a great time

    I will always be on time and will never cancel

    I will respect you and wouldn't ask you to do anything weird

    I'm not bad looking and I will put some time into my dressing

    I will probably be blushing

    I can be pretty awkward at times

    I have acne that I can't get rid of try as I might

  • Pros:
    I'm a gentleman
    I can carry an intelligent conversation
    I am very loyal
    I go out of my way to help people

    I have a small penis, which negates all my pros.


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  • Pros
    - I’m an adventurer; I know how to show people a good time. :)
    -I’m very nurturing, protective, and loyal. I love tending to people’s needs and serving them.
    -I enjoy stimulating one’s mind/having long, deep conversations
    -I know what people need without being told.
    -I push people to be the best versions of themselves and work with them to help them get to that point.

    - B*tchy. I know how to get under people’s skin so I may have a moment of immaturity and misuse my perceptive and intuitive gifts to be cruel. I can be absolutely vicious.
    - Bad spending habits. I’ll get a bonus and instead of being responsible with it, I’ll plan a spontaneous weekend getaway or spend $700 on lingerie and perfume.
    - Clean freak. Borderline obsessive compulsive. If someone won’t pick up after themselves or leaves messes in my home, then I’ll nag like a mom.
    - Sassy and too feisty. Guys usually enjoy this but sometimes it’s too much and it can frustrate them or lead to unnecessary arguing.
    - Indecisive with a fixed nature. I’ll change my mind 10 times before I finally make a choice that I’ll never budge on/firmly commit to.

  • Pros:
    I'm very lenient with relationships, and trust easily.
    I'm somewhat musically talented?
    I have lots of random facts you'll learn.
    I'm a nerd
    I care A LOT, and will drop anything if you need something.
    I love to travel.
    I'm pretty much down for anything, any adventure, whatever!
    I have a surprisingly 'unladylike' sense of humor. (Well, if that is a positive?)
    I love to write, and, (I don't mean to come off as conceited!) I'm fairly well spoken.
    I prefer peace and talking out conflicts rather than fighting or shouting.
    I'm kind of chubby, which means I'm soft and squishy and awesome to cuddle or hug!
    I love to talk, talk, talk!
    I'm very faithful to a relationship.
    I might come off as shy at first, but will warm up to you easily.
    I will work my ass off to make sure that you're happy!
    I'm very laid back.
    I'm not athletic in any way whatsoever.
    I curse a lot.
    I'm pretty paranoid.
    I have ADD, which means I'll forget important things sometimes.
    I have really bad priorities.
    I'm HORRENDOUS at math.
    I'm fairly annoying.
    I'm a lesbian biromantic, which means I will date men, but I'm not sexually attracted to them.
    I'm not extremely attractive.
    I pent up my emotions.
    I have horrible breakdowns.
    I'm kind of unstable.
    I have average features, nothing wild or new.
    I do really horrible things without reason.
    I have super weird interests.
    I can be quite slow.
    I'm not that great at social interaction.
    I'm emotionally dependent sometimes.
    I'm constantly worried or distrusting of other people.
    I'm kind of vanilla.
    I would rather sleep in than have a morning adventure.
    I love sweets too much.
    I'm overbearing.
    Calling me lazy would be an understatement.
    I can get down on myself a lot.
    I have severe mood swings.
    I'm very sensitive.

    I could go on and on, lmao.

  • Pros:
    1. I am not into the whole media things; magazines, celebrities, etc. I have a mind of my own and I know what is important and what's not. But, at the same time being open to gain knowledge which will benefit me.

    2. I am kind of special (not to sound arrogant, though I know for sure this sounds exactly that. But by special I don't mean in looks, or brainy way. It's hard to say so let's just leave it.)

    1. I am messy yet organized.
    2. Still working on patience.

    and obviously bunch more.

  • Pros:

    I'll take naps with you
    I'll watch awful movies with you
    I'll let you touch my butt whenever you want
    Nobody will try to steal me from you
    I'll go on adventures with you
    I'll run with you
    I'll raise dogs with you

    Cons: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  • Pros:
    - I'm not The type to fight, I'm very calm and hate fights I'm the peacemaker
    - Not the type to cheat. I can't get attracted to random guys.
    - I'm chill and laid back
    - I'm not very demanding.
    - I like to take care of myself
    - I want to work in the future so i can afford my things
    - When I love, I love with my body and soul
    You need to earn my love because I hardly get in love and I'm kinda hard to impress/ convince

  • Pros- incredibly musical
    can unicycle
    not needy or clingy
    horror movie & gore addict
    quite slim (maybe it's a con for some)
    tattoos & piercings (maybe a con)

    Cons- I don't give a crap about anything (maybe a pro for some)
    basically no emotions
    I might kill you

  • Pro

    I'm different

    I won't cheat on you

    I'm nice

    I have a few talents


    I'm not the best looking girl.

    I have a dark past

    I'm bi

  • pros: I am cool
    cons: I have strong opinions

  • Love this question

  • In summary:

    You get your own private bodyguard
    You might sign your own death warrant when dating me

  • Pros : Boobs
    Cons : I have PMs sometimes

  • Pro's = I am memorable + unique + fun + sexual

    Con's = I am always late + I am not available very often + I have very dedicated offline ex-date stalkers

  • most of the pros are basically your body and most of the cons are basically your personality

    i say this like an older sister to you... you need to work on yourself and mature and develope your character more before you worry about relationships

    • I have a great personality. As I've been told. I just listed more of the flaws in my personality. Because I don't have many flaws on my looks. o Whelp.

  • PROS:
    I'm funny
    I have a nice butt
    good legs
    im loyal as fuck
    I'll do anything to make them happy
    I'm short (it's a pro for guys who like short girls😂)
    I'm down for mostly anything
    I'm confident
    I'll believe in the person 100%
    Nice hair
    I'll LITERALLY cheer up the person so well if their upset
    I love animals
    I love to have fun
    I'm chill
    I have nice skin
    I'm loud
    I'm rich
    I doubt myself
    I HAVE ATTACHMENT problems (I get attached super fast)
    Kind of clingy
    I'd want to be w them all the time
    I can get really upset fast
    I'm stubborn
    A little chubby (but I don't think it looks bad)
    I spend too much money
    I don't cook
    I drink a lottt
    I'm an asshole
    I can be conceited at times
    I'm too loud

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