I have the same problem About the "talking about sex"?

So, I'm talking to this dude. It's been almost 2 weeks. We have other convos, we FaceTime and text but he brings up sex a lot. He talks about how he wants to do it and the whole nine but when we first met, I told him from the gate I am looking for a relationship not just sex (even though I have been in a friends with benefits relationship) but I'm pretty over that stage. He constantly goes back and fourth "I respect that, I want to fuck you, I can wait, I just want it to go with the flow, I like you" I'm jut confused cause also, I have asked him if he wanted to be just fuck buddies and he said no but yet he constantly keeps talking about sex, then I'll say are you sure you want an relationship, he'll say yes. Like you either want to be in a relationship or you want to just fuck. Either or, I told him it's fine and he still goes with I want you and that shit. Also, he's 18 turning 19 and I'm 21. We haven't been on our first date yet, which is suppose to be tomorrow at the movies.


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  • well think of it like this. you had your friend with benefits stage and got to have as much sex as you wanted and could get more if you wanted.

    he probably didn't and wants sex much more than you did at that point. he doesn't have much tact but it doesn't mean he only wants to fuck you just that he wants to fuck you.

    • Lke eventually he knows we are going to do it, especially if we are in a relationship. I don't understand, he acts like he can't even wait a month. It's like he's bipolar lol. Last night we agreed to put sex on hold, then today he goes wear something easy to slip off tomorrow and come to my house or no we are going to do it in the movies and I'm like 🙄. Then I told him he needs to be straight up and be a man. Choose what you want either to build or to be fuck buddies, I'll fuck you soon if we are fuck buddies but if you want to build, we for sure aren't going to have sex right now. Then he goes I want you and I just don't really believe it at all.

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    • he did not know you 3 weeks ago. either way you can only hope things will go right it doest matter if you wait a few weeks, a few months, or a few years if someone only wants sex then they only want sex. just do what you think is best.

    • 😩😩 I just wish I knew what to do! I like him a lot, that's just the only problem. Maybe I'll feel better after tomorrow. He also, I'm pretty sure is going to try to have sex tomorrow.

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  • I am sorry, but if he constantly brings up sex, he's lying to you about his intentions.

    • Right! I just don't understand why he can't tell the truth and be done. I told him we can be fuck buddies but he still keeps going with I want to be with you.