What is tinder like for GUYS? What kind of guys get the most attraction & hits from females on tinder?

im wondering what tinder is like on the guys end. I'm asking because I matched with a guy I really had a crush on for a while but never met (I stalked him on fb). He has a hippie/ punk / hipster vibe. He's shorter and very thin. His first picture is a far pic of him, kinda blurry and his others are one of him playing the drums. He's in a band. And some others are of his face. He also has long hair.
Do you think he gets a lot of matches? Or do muscular jockey, "clean cut" guys get more attraction?


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  • It's good if you're hot. If you're not, it's gonna be a nightmare.
    It's not like with girls where you match with everyone you swipe right.
    Tinder people are very shallow, especially the girls, who mostly just want the attention, therefore even for hot guys, it's not gonna be as easy as for girls.

    • Yeah I do like the attention but if I see a guy I think is "my type" that's when I engage in a conversation

    • Thanks for the MHO

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  • For me, tinder is honestly torturous... Fake users, scams, etc... Women looking for hookups. I'm lucky to get a match within a week... And super likes are absolutely useless...

    • What kind of guy would you say you are?
      And if I matched with this guy... I'm genuinely interested in him as a person... How do I show that?

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    • Well... You're kinda showing why tinder sucks for guys. Why not give the others a chance?

    • Because this guy really doesn't seem like the hook up type, and bc I don't hook up either... We seem like a good match. I was close to deleting the app tbh, but then I matched with him and decided to keep it. Now I don't know what to do.

  • I've asked around
    I'm a average looking guy
    Unless your very very hot or hipster or otherwise shocking
    Tinder is useless
    Totally useless

    • That's what I've read. Do you find the women on there to be really attractive or average?

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    • fiankky someone gets it

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  • You got me on the " long hair" >]

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